Content & Theme

Welcome back to Week 2! This week's blog is all about creating an aesthetic feed that is aimed to attract and retain your desired audience. 

Now listen up ladies...

It’s proven that content and theme mastery all comes down to consistency. This falls into two important areas - theme consistency and colour consistency.



Take a second to think of your fav Instagram accounts, the ones you find yourself engaging with almost daily. What kind of account are they? Whether it be travel, beauty or fashion, pick what your skills and passions align with the most and call it your own.

Just like your fav accounts, you want your account to be your followers go-to for inspo and content that revolves around your defined niche. In other words, you need genre or niche consistency. Why?  

Think back to when you decided to follow an account;
Are you:
a) just looking at 1 photo and clicking that follow button, or
b) do you look at their grid and decide if you like their feed and content as a whole?
Most of the time, B, right?

Once you’ve defined your niche, whether it be beauty, fashion, or travel, it’s important to post within your category or you can risk confusing your followers when your name pops up in their feed and your content is not what they signed up for when they followed your account.

Ultimately, maintaining grid consistency will ensure your following knows what to expect from you, and in turn, your desired audience who are interested in your niche will consistently search for and land themselves on your account for inspo in your defined area. This key to building a devoted audience and landing yourself on the explore page more often for organic growth.

Another quick tip on composition of your photos: make sure to add variety to the overall perspective of your grid to improve overall aesthetic. For example, if you’ve just posted a selfie, maybe make your next post an outfit or landscape post that breaks up the content to keep the grid looking clean and avoid a cluttered feel.



The second vital content consistency is colour scheme; this is the most recognisable consistency your followers will notice and makes a huge impact to the experience that keeps them scrolling through your feed and ultimately clicking that follow button.

As you may post a variety of different subjects, from fashion to food, it can seem almost impossible to stick within the same colour without forgoing posting your favourite photos. The easiest solution is to achieve consistency through filters or presents – do a little research beyond Instagram’s own filters from easy to use apps (VSCO is a great place to start), premade presets packs by your fav influencers, or even creating your own presents within Photoshop or Lightroom if you’re more experienced. Find an edit that enhances your skin tone and hair colour and achieves the general aesthetic you’re after.

Another tip is to look out for props, background, or outfit features that match your scheme and be enhanced by your chosen edit. Then, stick with it for all of your uploaded photos and see how the consistency in colours and hues can transform your feed and audience growth.



Before posting your next photo, we highly recommend taking advantage of Instagram’s preview app to pre-test how your photos will look posted next to each other in your current grid and make any changes you like before officially posting.

Lastly, try to remember why people use Insta – not only to admire beautiful people and places, but to feel inspired. So what are you hoping to spark within your current and potential followers? Wanderlust or a place to add to their bucket list, to live a healthier, happier life, or to spark future fashion trends and styles?

Now it’s time to go out there and create your own aesthetic, just remember to be original and creative within your own consistency guidelines and the rest will come! We can’t wait to see your beautiful feeds develop over the next few months! xx

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