Where it all started...
Launched in 2018, Zahara’s roots are in the Sandy Beaches of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia, one of the most beautiful and inspirational locations a swimwear brand can dream of.

From the start, we’ve always wanted to create something unique, unlike any other brand with both our designs and the sense of community we strive to provide.

Living by The Ethos We Promise Every Day

Offering an easily accessible service in over 100 countries
Besides our Australian HQ, we have warehouses all over the world to get our designs to you quickly and efficiently – and to make sure you don’t have any unexpected costs at customs, we cover all the taxes and duties for you!

Shaping Zahara with the environment in mind
Ethical decisions such as removing all plastics from our office or introducing biodegradable bags have always come without hesitation. Shifting away from the fast fashion norms, we are constantly learning and improving to create a cycle with a positive impact. (Not to mention, having a collection of bikinis is no fun unless you we can enjoy wearing them in the world’s most magical places and beaches.)

Listening to you
You, alongside thousands of other women, are the one wearing our swimwear, so hearing your thoughts and how we can improve is not just a catchphrase for us, but rather a mindset that defines Zahara.

Improving sustainability
Throughout the next year, we will continue reaching and creating new sustainability goals, starting with a blend of new materials. After waving goodbye to unnecessary plastic in our offices, we'll be saying hello to eco-friendly fabrics that provide just as much support and comfort as our traditional swimwear compositions.

What’s Next for Zahara?
Creating the future of Influencer programs
One of the things girls love most about Zahara is its hassle-free Influencer program...and we have great news as we’re taking that to a whole new level with an even better structure. We are continually improving our Influencer program building community, collaborations & opportunity for our Zahara Tribe.
We believe we will have one of the best if not the best influencer programs.. watch this space.

Empowering Women Through Confident Designs
Since the launch of Zahara, our team has identified and believed in a clear path and goal: uniting girls around the world and breaking down the negative stereotypes often associated with wearing swimwear.

The journey so far has been amazing - besides having the perfect silhouettes down to a science, we had the opportunity to see thousands of women rock our sets and listen to their feedback on how we can evolve. As a result, we grew with an ambassador program offering constant support and benefits, a platform celebrating beauty without boundaries, and a collection featuring over 70 designs. Regardless of their style, shade and shape, all our pieces hold one thing in common: the strive to make you feel your absolute best.

Centred Around Self-Love
Reports constantly show that women tend to be their own worst critics when it comes to beauty, often leading to a series of risks associated with insecurity and body dissatisfaction.

Deeply rooted in the belief that women should feel confident in their own skin, Zahara joins the movement of uplifting people and having an open discussion about the topic. Especially as a swimwear brand, we have an incredible advantage to assist women in finding their very own zone of self-love. How do we do this?
  • Versatility: Our collection was curated to ensure that you never have to settle for something you’re not 100% obsessed with. A blend of patterns, hues shapes and cuts make our edits truly stand out, with new arrivals dropping all year round.  

  • Comfort: All of our efforts would go to waste unless the designs were just as comfortable as they are sleek. Ready for any adventure (as well as for off-duty tanning days), our bikinis and one piece sets always put a focus on keeping you supported and comfy.

  • Representation: Everyone is welcome on our platform, and instead of editorial photoshoots, we opt for images from our customers and ambassadors enjoying their bikinis in real-life settings.

  • Community: We are proud to offer one of the best ambassador programs in the industry where you don’t have to get through a maze of administration and questions to enjoy the perks. 
“When you purchase from Zahara, it's not just an item of clothing...it is a collective feeling of confidence, self-love & community. We aim to create a feeling & connect with our audience like no other brand has done before.”

- Zahara
CEO & Founder